Why I Say Fidelity Bank is Trustworthy – Owei Lakemfa

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I was travelling. I dashed to the Wuse II, Abuja branch of the Fidelity Bank to withdraw ₦450,000. I was with my wife. I gave her ₦300,000 and pocketed ₦150,000. Later, in the evening, I got a call from the branch enquiring whether I withdrew that amount in the morning. I answered in the affirmative. I also said ‘Yes” when asked if I counted the money.

I asked why the enquiries and was told a customer was underpaid and when they checked all those who collected money about the time I did, the conclusion was that I was the customer. I assured the caller I was paid the exact money I withdrew and thanked him for his efforts and the phone call.

It then occurred to me to call my wife and confirm how much I gave her in the bank. She said a bundle of ₦50 notes totaling ₦250,000. I had thought I gave her ₦300,000! I called back the bank to say I was the customer underpaid by ₦50,000. The reply was that it knew I was the only customer that could have been short paid and that ₦50,000 was the exact underpayment the branch had. Would I come the next day to pick the balance? No, I replied, I had travelled. Can the money be paid into my account? I said yes. Within four minutes, I received an alert for the sum.

I was surprised that a Nigerian bank can be so precise to pick out a customer. I was impressed by the bank’s insistence, and then the speed with which I was credited for the underpayment.
I concluded that in Nigeria, if your bank is called Fidelity Bank Plc, you can bank on its trustworthiness.

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