Thumbs down for IKEDC – Kazeem


Since Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) took over the supply of electricity, the power supply to my area, Mangoro, Lagos has been very poor. Consumers in many other areas under IKEDC also make similar complaints. Only a few can truthfully say electricity supply has improved in their area.
Since the consumers don’t really have any choice about their service providers, they are stuck with whichever company is providing service in their areas, no matter how incompetent they are. With this lack of competition, striving to improve customer service is generally lacking.
In other sectors such as the banking or telecommunications, the various brands compete for customer patronage or loyalty because they know that they could lose their customers to competition. Not so in the power sector where consumers do not have any choice.
If customers are to pay according to their actual consumption, IKEDC will never make any profit and that is why they rely heavily on estimated billings to meet their target. A faulty meter is an excuse for them to put you under estimated billings for life instead of changing the meter or repairing it.
I live with my father in just a room and parlour and the only items we have that require electricity are two bulbs, one small refrigerator, one television set, two ceiling fans, and iron. These are just basic things that should not consume much electricity, yet my father’s bill has never been less than ₦10,000 a month. In fact the last one was ₦14,000. Despite this we are in darkness most of the time. If it is not transformer problem that will shut us out for months, it would be other reasons. We have made complaints to IKEDC all to no avail.
I advise IKEDC to desist from cheating customers and do the right thing. Shame on them!
Kazeem Mustapha, Lagos

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