This Norton Security from Ifysee Global is a fake – Bolanle


I sent my son to the Computer Village in Ikeja, Lagos to buy my Internet security last month and he came home with the one pictured above. I suspected it was a pirated product because the packaging was very bad; it was wrapped with nylon and sealed with white cellotape. I asked him to go and return it immediately but the salesgirl refused and assured him that it was the original. She gave him their business card which reads Ifycee Global Ltd. I called her immediately to complain but she cut the line after telling me they can’t refund me.
Later in the day I called the line again and it was the chief executive officer who picked the call. I told him my inability to install the product but he insisted it was a genuine one. He said due to the high exchange rate they import the product from Dubai and told me to try it again. However, each time I typed the key code the response I get from Norton Corporation is that the key is invalid. I had to go to another shop and bought the original which I have since installed. The most annoying thing is that they sold this fake Norton for the same price with the original — ₦4,000. I can imagine how many consumers have lost their hard earned money to these traders without scruples.
Please tell this company to refund my money. I am very sure many traders in that market are also selling fake antivirus and Internet security. They are making huge profits at our expense and this is fraudulent.
Bolanle Balogun, Ikeja, Lagos

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