Themes of World Consumer Rights Day (1997 – 2016)


It would be recalled that United States President John F. Kennedy presented a historic speech to the US Congress outlining four basic consumer rights on March 15, 1962. These four consumer rights have since been expanded into eight by the United Nations via the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection. Kennedy was the first world leader to set out a vision of consumer rights.

Thereafter, Consumer International, the world federation of consumer groups, adopted these rights as a charter and adopted March 15 (The day J. F. Kennedy made the historic speech) as World Consumer Rights Day.

This explains why March 15 of every year is commemorated internationally as World Consumer Rights Day. The day, which was first observed on March 15, 1983, is set aside to promote the basic rights of consumers through the mobilisation of citizen action and solidarity within the international consumer movement. Every year a theme is adopted to guide advocacy in various countries across the globe as shown below.


Themes of World Consumer Rights Day

WCRD 2016 – Antibiotics off the menu

WCRD 2015 – Consumers rights to healthy foods

WCRD 2014 – Consumer Rights in the Digital Age

WCRD 2013 – Consumer justice now

WCRD 2012 – Our money, our rights: campaigning for real choice in financial services

WCRD 2011 – Show banks the yellow card

WCRD 2010 – Our money, our rights

WCRD 2009 – Junk food generation: year two

WCRD 2008 – Junk food generation: year one

WCRD 2007 – Unethical Drug Promotion

WCRD 2006 – Energy – Sustainable access for all

WCRD 2005 – Consumers Say No To Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

WCRD 2004 – Clean Water and Sustainable Sanitation for All

WCRD 2003 – Corporate Control of the Food Chain: The GM Link

WCRD 2002 – Voices for Change: The Consumers Right to Representation

WCRD 2001 – Corporate Accountability

WCRD 2000 – Consumers Take Action on Genetically Modified Food

WCRD 1999 – Consumer Protection – Where Do We Stand

Assessment of Consumer rights

WCRD 1998 – Poverty Alleviation

WCRD 1997 – Sustainable Consumption


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