Nigerians, beware of Fanta, Sprite – Sola Salako

Sola Salako

Hey, you that like Mineral, Sweetmouth, Oya hear it! Nigerian Fanta and Sprite, apart from giving you Jedi Jedi (Dysentery), it’s also not good for human beings living in Western World (Obodo Oyibo) to drink; it is only good for local monkeys like us because the manufacturers don’t really regard us as human beings!

Dr. Emmanuel Ayodele-Fijabi Adebo

A United Kingdom-based Nigerian man, Dr. Emmanuel Ayodele-Fijabi Adebo, exported our minerals for sale in the United Kingdom (UK) and the UK authorities decided to test the products before it can be sold in their country. They found the Coke is ok, but the Fanta and Sprite are not; the manufacturers put extra colour to make the Fanta look attractive and it can cause cancer. If taken with Vitamin C, it is poisonous.

So they seized and destroyed the man’s Fanta and Sprite. Meanwhile, they have Fanta and Sprite abroad, but the content is different from what they make for us here.

This Man sued Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) and NAFDAC for under informing the Nigerian public. He has won the case in court. The judge said a product that is good here should be good everywhere. You cannot give us a product that is not good for the rest of the world but good for only us.

The judge said NAFDAC should ensure that in the next 90 days, all Fanta and Sprite bottles must have a written warning on them that says, “Don’t take with Vitamin C”.

Kudos to the man who sued and kudos to the judge who judged.

NBC, NBC, NBC, na wickedness go kill una. NAFDAC, NAFDAC, NAFDAC na mumu go Kill Una.

(Lay man’s Interpretation by yours Truly Furobel)

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