My Grouse With MTN – Adekunle Adenuga


Why must MTN subject subscribers to compulsory re-registration without proper arrangements as viewed in this centre in Ikorodu today? Other GSM networks are not requesting their subscribers to re-register. This would be my third attempt to re-register after receiving the notification but without success

MTN: What manner of re-registration exercise is this?

To make matters worse, the network has even gone ahead to bar subscribers from receiving and making calls. This is scandalous and irresponsible, especially given the rowdiness of the exercise. They are not even making it easy for subscribers to re-register. Many subscribers spend the whole day in MTN offices without achieving the sole purpose of being there. This is just a reflection of poor customer service.

I guess they need technological phone responses means for subscribers to pick the preferred state, local government, town or village, and location, with follow-up choice of re-registration date, so that there would be prearranged dates with identified subscribers billed for the exercise. MTN must do something about this.

Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) and the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) should immediately look into this urgently. Suspension of call barring should be done immediately, while regularization of ethical human and customer’s friendly procedures should be imposed.

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