Malaika unity girl toys fast replacing Barbie

Dolls for the African child
Unity Girl in a box
Unity Girl in a box

Auldon Limited, one of the most reputable and innovative toys companies in Nigeria recently introduced a new range of Afro-centric dolls known as Malaika Unity Girl, Africa.

The dolls designed to promote girl-child education and tourism are 14 inches tall and are dressed in traditional African attire to depict Africa’s rich fashion, culture, lifestyle and values which the girl-child is expected to inculcate from childhood.

One unique thing about these dolls is that the African girl-child can easily relate to them unlike Barbie, the white or Asian dolls which have no cultural significance to them. The Malaika Unity Girls’ dolls could help to boost the African child’s confidence and self-esteem.

The dolls, which are being marketed in Nigeria and other African countries, are neatly packed in colourful cartons to make them more appealing to children. These boxes contain miniature accessories such as sets of beads and strings which children could use to make ankle or neck accessories for the dolls.

However, due to the tiny size of the beads, parents have been advised to keep them away from children younger than five years. At that age they are too young to understand the danger of putting a bead in their mouth. This could lead to a child accidentally swallowing it.


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