“How I Escaped Being Scammed”


I got a call recently from a telephone number – 08137633981 – with the caller introducing himself as my account officer from my bank. He said he was calling to draw my attention to the fact that the date of birth that I supplied for the account was different from the one I gave for my BVN and they wanted to correct the mix-up as they were updating their customers’ accounts.

Now, he got my bank details, including my date of birth correct, and said the one on the BVN was dated a year apart. I became suspicious because this would have become obvious right from when I was processing the BVN which, in any case, I had used across all my banks for some years.

Eventually, he gave himself up when he asked if I had my ATM card with me because he wanted to ask me a few questions for the update. When I told him I wasn’t having my ATM card with me, he wanted to know how many minutes it would take me to get it so he could hold on.

That to me was a red flag. I told him he must be kidding because I wouldn’t give him any information on my ATM card. At this point, he quickly cut the line knowing that I had already discovered he was a fraudster.

Many of these fraudsters are on the prowl searching for people who would fall into their net. Do not fall prey to them. Be alert and do not disclose any vital information to anyone on phone or through email. If you do, your account will be compromised even before you realize something was amiss.

I am sharing this so that others can learn about these fraudsters and be on their guard.

Amos Oladele, COO, Marketing Edge 
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