Google’s Ara, the Future of Smartphones


By 2017, consumers around the world will have first-hand experience of Ara, Google’s latest smartphone which has modules that can be assembled and customized as the user pleases.

Most smartphones in the market today are designed to have general appeal except in a few cases where consumers are allowed to place orders for customized phones. But such customization has so far been limited to superficial factors such as case colours and materials, not unique features.

Modules are run and swapped seamlessly
Modules are run and swapped seamlessly


Ara’s features come as user-installable modules; the modules are assembled into metal frames, the endoskeleton. However, core components like the processor, memory, battery, screen, antennas and sensors will be built into the frame to free up more room for innovative modules.

Consumers do not have to worry about some of the modules falling apart because they’re held in place with latches and electropermanent magnets, with an app locking everything in place.

Google also intends to prove that modular phones do not necessarily have to be blocky or burdensome, which is why the modules will be in tiles rather than blocks.

Modules are run and swapped seamlessly

Many people may find the technical details of Ara even more exciting. Each compartment on the endoskeleton is designed to handle any module of the correct size, regardless of its function. This will enable the user to swap modules in and out of will. For instance if you are more concerned about power, you may decide to do away with a module you do not really need to free space for a second battery. Interestingly, you are not required to power down your phone to swap modules. So with Ara, your phone becomes more personal as you can really have a lot of flexibility about what modules to put in your phone.

The excitement does not end there for consumers as Google plans to make Ara affordable and tailored to their needs.

Consumers, no doubt, are waiting eagerly to see whether Ara, Google’s modular smartphone will indeed change the future of smartphones in the world.


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