Eko DisCo, Stop This Extortion – Jumoke Owoola


I am so infuriated by the fraudulent activities of Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) at my area, Idiroko Poromosan axis of Ikorodu in Lagos State. The officials of this power company are in the habit of harassing, intimidating, and exploiting their customers. In fact, their capacity for extortion has no rival in the sector.

This company arbitrarily raised my energy bill from ₦3,000 to ₦10,000.  When I demanded an explanation for the sudden increase, they stepped up their devilish and illegal act by cutting off the power supply to my apartment. They did not stop at that; they also carted away the cables to make me yield to their demand for bribe. This company has made life a living hell for me and many others in my area.

The chief tormentors, Prisca and Humatu, aka Mama T, both field officers of EEDC obviously enjoy their fraudulent activities as they illegally order the disconnection of their customers’ lines at will so that people can negotiate reconnection with them. In many instances, they carry out group disconnection of both debtors and non-debtors. Even when you are not owing and they admit that you were disconnected in error, they will still ask you to pay reconnection fee claiming that they will have to hire a ladder to reconnect you.

After a running battle with them some time ago, I lodged a complaint at their Alogba office, in which I demanded a load assessment on my apartment to determine my electricity consumption. I was persuaded not to submit the letter with a promise that my complaint would be addressed.

Consequently, the load assessment was done thoroughly after which my estimated monthly bill was fixed at ₦3,000. The apartment is not even my permanent home; it’s an apartment I rented when I got a part-time engagement in Ikorodu so I can have a place to stay whenever it is too late to go home. It is sparsely furnished and does not have most of the basic electrical appliances that require electricity to function. So where is the high consumption rate coming from? How do you estimate a bill moving from ₦3,000 to ₦10,000? There is absolutely no basis for this sharp increase.

Despite the poor power supply of EEDC, they delight in conjuring bills and shoving them down our throat. No one should be harassed into paying for electricity not consumed. This arbitrary billing must stop. This illegality must stop. This extortion must stop.

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