Beware of Bottled Poison

Unbranded vegetable oil

When Madam Hanna, the oil merchant, extracts  oil from groundnut, corn, safflower, sunflower, soybean, etc., and she doesn’t add a chemical or preservative to it, she loses her capital because the oil will go bad (rancid) when exposed to air. So she hydrogenates it (adds hydrogen). The natural fat then becomes mutated, which means that it can stay solid at room temperature. It also doesn’t get readily spoilt so it sits on her store shelf for a longer period than it ordinarily would; plus it’s looking very clean and nice. BUT what many don’t know is that she just produced large, voluminous bottles of poisonous cell-damaging transfat.

Transfats damage cell membranes in the body, gorging the heart and body with excess bad fat, leading to various diseases. Fast and fried foods in general contain these transfats because of the oils used to prepare them. Baked stuff (cakes, cookies, pie crusts and crackers, etc.), plantain chips, margarine, all commercially processed foods, are loaded with transfats.

Note that all vegetable oils are processed and refined, and due to the high heat processing and chemicals added during the purification process, all nutrients, sadly, are lost. When consumed, these oils raise bad cholesterol levels in the body and lower good cholesterol at  a very high degree. I can only say that another name for vegetable oil is slow poison. Read food labels before you buy them. When you see ‘partially hydrogenated’ and ‘0.5 transfats’, go the other direction.

Transfats are the root causes of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers disease, obesity, heart attacks, and diabetes

Take sure steps towards good health. Get your unprocessed, organic coconut oil, as well as unprocessed, unrefined palm oil, shea butter, virgin olive oil. These are your safest, best options.

Author: Joy Eden


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