Behold the thinnest laptop – HP Elitebook Folio


Tabby McFarland

HP EliteBook FolioIf you are on the lookout for the thinnest laptop available, the HP Elitebook Folio might be the answer. At less than 0.5-inches thick the device is supposed to be even thinner than the MacBook.

This latest version of the Elitebook offers some obvious benefits in terms of mobility and reports say its aluminum body looks pretty, too.

HP showed off the new HP Elitebook Folio at CES, marketing the device as a business laptop. It offers features like a dedicated button for Skype in the keyboard and speakers geared for the same purpose.

It also sports a 180-degree piano hinge that could be handy for business calls as well. Though the hinge on the Elitebook won’t offer the superb all around flexibility offered by other devices like the Lenovo Yoga, but it’s the super thin design that is the real eye catcher in this one.

At around 2.2 pounds the HP Elitebook Folio might not beat out the MacBook in weight but it wins the prize for the trimmest profile. Reports place the new Elitebook at just .47-inches, that’s pretty wafer thin.

Like most laptops that go for a thin design the Elitebook doesn’t offer much in the way of ports. It does manage to squeeze in two USB-C ports and one audio jack. So you will have to be prepared to use some USB-C adapters.

With its slim body meant to enhance portability, durability is also a factor to consider. The Elitebook offers a CNC-machined aluminium body that is supposed to provide the sturdiness needed for a well travelled device.

It’s looking like HP will offer their new Elitebook in a number a different configurations.

The 12.5-inch display starts at 1080p full HD but can be upgraded to 4K. There is also a touchscreen option you can choose if that is up your alley.

In the specs department, it’s looking like the Elitebook will offer 8GB of RAM and various SSD options from 128GB up to possibly 256GB. Some reports place this number higher though.

A fanless Intel 6th Gen Skylake processor powers the device. Again you will be able to choose between several options, either a Core m5, m7 or possibly even m3.

The HP Elitebook Folio is set to hit the market sometime in March with a starting price of $999.





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