Airtel’s marketers devise dubious ways to fleece consumers – Balogun


I am writing this to warn others about the dubious tactics some marketers have adopted to dupe unsuspecting customers. Some marketers who adorned the branded T-shirts of Airtel approached me as I was leaving Guaranty Trust Bank at the end of Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja in Lagos State recently. They told me Airtel was doing a promo which I might be interested in. I moved closer to their bus parked by the roadside to gather more information.
I was told that I could get a SIM card which would allow me make calls, send messages and browse the Internet free for three months, all for ₦2,000. I paid this amount and I was given the SIM card, including nine additional SIM cards which I was asked to give to friends and families. They told me that the other nine cards could be used similarly but for one month. When I got home I quickly put the SIM in my modem only to find that I had been duped.
The matter was reported to Airtel’s customer care office at the beginning of the street only to be told that the people I encountered were dubious marketers. “We are not running any promo of that kind. We have many agent marketers who collect our products for sale. Those people perhaps devised that means just to sell the products so as to meet their target,” the customer care personnel at one of the counters explained. Now I have many useless SIM cards which nobody was willing to accept as a free gift from me.
Please tell Airtel to do something about this urgently because it is the name of their brand that is being rubbished. Most importantly we, the consumers do not deserved to be defrauded this way. I want to seek redress and I’ll appreciate if you can tell me what my chances are.
Funmilayo Balogun

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