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Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your interest in advertising on Consumer Life Nigeria. Our website, provides you with a veritable platform to get your message across to all critical segments of the Nigerian society and across the world such as opinion leaders, industry operators, business men and women, policy makers, students, foreign nationals, and the growing community of informed consumers.

For more information about advertising opportunities in, please view our advertisement specifications and rates below:


Adverts Rates in Nigeria Naira


Size (Pixel)

Rates Per Week (₦)

(5% VAT Inclusive)

Large Leaderboard

970 x 90



728 x 90


Wide Skyscraper

160 x 600



120 x 600


Lead Banner

468 x 60


Bottom Banner

468 x 60


Large Rectangle Banner

336 x 280


Medium Rectangle Banner

300 x 250


Rectangle Banner

300 x 100


Square Board

300 x 300



250 x 250

Text Link

90 characters maximum


Video Ads

246 x 300


Maximum file size is 40kb


Please Note:

  • Advertorials are accepted for publication as text, jpeg or pdf
  • The advertorial opens on a different page with only the headline indicated on the Home Page with ADVERTORIAL as the prefix


  • Advertisements must be received one week before publication date to allow for production, testing and quality assurance.
  • Advertisers can choose premium positions in all the pages
  • Advert dimensions are measured in pixels
  • All formats are accepted e.g. JPEG, Flash, GIF (animated or static), etc.
  • Maximum file size is 40kb (Excluding extra-large positions)
  • Maximum weight per flash advert is 40kb
  • Audio/Video adverts are provided for on the website.
  • Animated adverts are allowed on this site
  • Flash animation must not exceed 40kb in file size.
  • Flash animation must have a maximum duration of 10 sec
  • Special sizes and locations are negotiable on request subject to technical feasibility
  • Adverts that appear concurrently on home and other pages attract a 30% surcharge on home page rate.

Payment Terms:

  • Payments for adverts can be made in Naira (₦), US Dollars ($), Euro (€) and British Pounds (£) only via bank transfers prior to publication.
  • Cash payment is not allowed.
  • Invoices are issued upon receipt and confirmation of payments.
  • The publisher reserves the right to hold advertising agency and the advertiser jointly and severally liable for monies due and payable to publisher.

Rates Reviews:

  • The publisher reserves the right to review the rates and terms at any time without prior notice. However the new rate will not apply to adverts already paid for provided the publication date is within 60 days of the effective date of the new rates.
  • The publisher will not be liable if advertiser fails to utilise advert space upon which their billings and payments have been based.
  • Advertisers whose adverts run for one calendar year may be rebated by the publisher


  • The artwork or copy is to be provided by the advertisers or their agencies.
  • Artwork should be sent by email as attachment, through the post in Zip, CD or flash drive.
  • However, advertisers who do not have an advertising agency may request copy or artwork to be provided by the publisher at negotiated charges.
  • Publisher reserves the right to reject images which do not meet specifications.
  • Publisher reserves the right to reject images considered inappropriate.
  • All adverts are subject to legal vetting prior to publication.
  • Advertiser must indemnify publisher against any legal issues which may arise as a result of the advertiser’s advert placement.


For more information, please contact:

Advert hotline: +234 -9086865386